As part of the program, these missionaries performed a cultural dance for the inmates.

An audience of 2,500 prisoners listened as missionaries shared the Good News.

Many inmates were touched by the message and afterward prayed to the Lord.

On October 2, 25 Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries brought a message of peace to 2,500 prisoners in a South Asian high-security prison.

The outreach event centered on Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” GFA regional leaders communicated to their audience of convicts, including high-profile ganglords, that all peace originates from a relationship with the living God. As one leader explained, “Peace with God, peace within our hearts and peace with one another begins with inviting the living God into our hearts.” Prisoners and guards responded positively to the message.

The program also included prayer and worship music. At the end of the day, the team of missionaries distributed 50 New Testaments and 63 Christian books. The outreach blessed both the prisoners and the missionaries.

The missionaries ask for prayer for all the inmates and officials, that they will read the literature and it will move them to turn their hearts toward the Prince of Peace.