2017: A Year in Review

In 2017, GFA-supported workers in 18 Asian nations worked together with the Body of Christ all over the world—including you—to see lives and communities blessed by the love of Christ.

These statistics serve as an aerial view of what God accomplished in one year throughout communities in Asia. He has done so much through His servants, who are faithfully ministering to the poor, desperate and needy around them.

Let's praise God for giving us the opportunity to join Him in His work!

We at GFA are deeply grateful for your love, prayers and sacrificial giving so others may have new life in Christ. God bless you, our brothers and sisters in the Lord.


women received free healthcare training


women learned how to read and write through literacy classes


women received vocational training


families helped through income-generating or quality-of-life Christmas gifts


blankets given away to families


medical camps conducted in remote or needy communities


mosquito nets distributed


Jesus Wells drilled in communities needing clean water


BioSand water filters given to families and individuals


toilets installed in needy communities

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