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Gospel Gives New Life to Caveman

first published: Jan. 15, 2009 – Gospel for Asia

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Gospel Gives New Life to Caveman

first published: Jan. 15, 2009 – Gospel for Asia

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In India, a simple Gospel tract costs less than a penny to produce, yet yields dramatic results. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Himachal Pradesh.

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In one area of this North Indian state, Gospel tracts played a major role in establishing several churches. These churches continue to grow as more and more people come to know the Lord.

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One of those new Christians is Sanjong Khes, a man who had turned his back on society and lived like a hermit in a mountain cave for seven years.

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Sanjong left his life behind, but he still did not find peace. He felt that the gods and goddesses of his traditional religion had abandoned him. He says he was “spiritually dead” during his self-forced seclusion.

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Ratnekar Gondane was a new believer himself when he discovered Sanjong Khes living in the cave perched just above his village. He wanted to reach out to him in the name of Jesus, so he visited Sanjong several times and gave him a Gospel tract.

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Peace flooded Sanjong's heart as he read the small pamphlet that Ratnekar gave him. He soon chose to give his heart to Jesus.

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Ratnekar knew from personal experience that Gospel tracts have the power to change a life. He learned about Jesus when Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Daruka Duraj shared a piece of Gospel literature with him. The message in the tract helped him turn his back on his old lifestyle and follow Christ.

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Today Sanjong and Ratnekar worship God side by side in a Bible study at Ratnekar's house. Thanks to the Good News of Jesus printed on a simple tract, these men—and thousands of others—know there is a God who loves them.

For only $1 you can provide 200 Gospel tracts for a believer like Ratnekar.


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