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After three years of study both in the classroom and on the field, hundreds of students are graduating from GFA-supported Bible colleges this month.
The graduation ceremonies at each GFA-supported Bible college follow a similar pattern. First, the students line up and march in. At one Bible college, they played the famous hymn "Onward Christian Soldiers" as the students marched in.
Hundreds of proud friends and family came to see the students graduate. Some students had no family members present because they are against their decision to follow and serve Christ.
The graduation celebration included special music, some of it written and performed by the students themselves.
Unlike the speakers at other graduation ceremonies who often encourage graduates to "follow their dreams," these graduates were challenged to symbolically dig their own grave and be ready to suffer and even die so that others can hear about Christ.
Of course, theology degrees were conferred.
And finally, the students were bathed in prayer as they made their final commitment to serve the Lord.
These new missionaries would like everyone to pray that God will make them channels of His blessing for many people.
date posted 04/03/2011