Suday's restlessness refused to disappear. His life had been spent worshiping gods, but he still felt empty. The more he sacrificed to them, the more trouble he seemed to find. He sought peace and happiness. What would it take to find it?

January 2013

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A Persistent Visitor

Suday glanced up as the man paused to talk with him. Bhakti, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, had come to his village before, but Suday and his wife Ramini had no interest in his message. It didn't make sense to them. They were comfortable with their familiar ways of worship, sacrificing to their gods. But the pastor continued to visit.

There was definitely something different about Bhakti. He seemed to really care about everyone. He came with several people from his church, and they spent time talking and sharing with the people about a man named Jesus. With each visit, Suday's interest increased as the pastor demonstrated such compassion. When Bhakti came by for a visit, Suday listened to his message about the love of Christ. As the pastor departed that day, he left a tract for Suday to read. Curious, Suday read through it, not knowing it would change his life.

A Piece of Paper Changes Everything

As Suday read about the Good News, God did a work in his heart. He wanted to know more. A week later, he contacted Pastor Bhakti and asked him to explain more about Christ. As he listened, Suday was convinced in his heart that Jesus was the only true God, and he decided to follow Him.

Finally, Suday had found the peace he sought! He asked the pastor to come to his house and pray for him. Pastor Bhakti agreed and came with several believers from his church.

As the believers met and prayed that night, Ramini didn't join in. Suday felt disappointed and upset. He knew his wife desperately needed Jesus, but she had no interest in joining him in his new faith.

Ramini didn't understand the new changes taking place. Her husband no longer accompanied her to the temple to offer sacrifices. What power lay in a small piece of paper that could cause a person to change his entire way of life so drastically?

Suday hosted more prayer meetings, but Ramini continued to avoid them.

Half a Penny, the Price for Peace
Half a Penny, the Price for Peace

She Wanted Nothing to Do with His New Faith

Despite the discouragement, Suday continued to tell Ramini about the peace he had discovered through the tract about Jesus. Realizing he had the ability to do something about her lack of interest, Suday began to pray in faith. He was beginning to learn more about the awesome power of the God he now served, and he dreamt of the day when his whole family would come to know the Savior.

The Word of God Speaks to Her Heart

Suday arranged another prayer meeting in their home. He was eager to hear God's Word through Pastor Bhakti. Ramini continued to disapprove, but this time she listened.

As the believers gathered, Pastor Bhakti spoke from John 14:6: "I am the way, the truth and the life."

The words struck a chord with Ramini. Feeling convicted of her sins, she looked back on her life and regretted the purposelessness of it all. Ramini knew Suday often fasted and prayed for her, but she still hesitated to embrace the love of Christ.

A few moments later, Pastor Bhakti asked everyone to stop and think on the words of God. As Ramini pondered them, she could no longer deny the Truth. She walked to the front of the room and decided to follow Christ. Now she could experience His peace too!

Suday could not contain his joy. He thanked God for the marvelous work done in his wife's life. His prayers and faith had been answered and rewarded.

Half a Penny, the Price for Peace
Half a Penny, the Price for Peace

A Family United in Christ

Now Suday and Ramini worship the true God together. They regularly go to church with their daughter, and she is growing in the Lord as she attends Sunday school. Through the faithfulness of one pastor and a tract that cost no more than half a penny, God has changed an entire family.

Half a Penny, the Price for Peace

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