People who would be otherwise hostile to the Gospel message—like Rajendra—often attend showings of a film about Jesus.

Following the film, Rajendra approached the missionaries, who prayed for him and Sanam.

When a pastor shared the Good News with Rajendra, he refused to listen—even though he and his family were in a desperate situation.

Both frequent illnesses and a financial crisis plagued Rajendra—only 25—and his family. Worst of all, his five-year-old son, Sanam, had been suffering from severe stomach pain for almost two years. Rajendra had spent almost all his money on the boy’s medical treatment and visited many temples, but Sanam’s health only grew worse. His stomach started to bulge out.

Sanam’s unrelenting ailment left the family deeply discouraged. Yet when the pastor told Rajendra about Jesus and His power to heal, Rajendra’s hatred of Christianity made him reject the pastor’s message. He refused even to let this missionary pray for his son.

A little while later, a Gospel for Asia-supported film team came to show a movie about Jesus in Rajendra’s village. When the missionaries, Pilar and Tuhin, started the film, only 50 people were there, but by the time it had ended the audience had grown to 200. And miraculously, even Rajendra went to the movie, bringing Sanam with him.

After the film ended, the missionaries asked if anyone wanted to follow Jesus. Weeping openly, Rajendra approached them.

I hated Christ so much before. But today as I was watching the film, I could see how He performed miracles and gave peace to many lives,” Rajendra said. “Now I believe that Christ can heal my son and bring peace to my family.”

Along with a local GFA-supported pastor, Pilar and Tuhin prayed for Rajendra and his son. That night, Rajendra chose to give his heart to Christ.

Two days later they visited Rajendra’s house. To their surprise, they discovered that God had completely healed Sanam the same night they prayed for him! Rajendra gave thanks to God for the miracle that happened to his son.

Although Rajendra once staunchly opposed the Gospel, the Lord used a movie to soften his stony heart, and he is now a child of God.

The missionaries request prayer that Rajendra will stand strong in his faith in Christ and that God will use him to bring many people to Jesus.