After eight years of meeting in Pastor Boro’s home, this congregation finally has its own church building.

Pastor Boro shared his testimony during the church building dedication.

All of these people came to Jesus through the testimony of Pastor Boro. They came together to celebrate the dedication of their new church building.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Boro Rai didn’t mean to plant a church. His congregation of 80 believers was simply the end result of a life transformed by God.

Pastor Boro was born into a life of privilege. His father was the leader of three separate villages and was, therefore, a powerful figure. Boro learned to practice all the rituals of his traditional religion at the hands of his father. Life seemed perfect for this young man and his family.

However, there were those in the villages who disagreed with Boro’s father. In keeping with their local customs, these detractors paid the local witch doctors to put a curse on their leader. A few days later, the powerful village leader was dead.

Pastor Boro was a young husband when his father died. While the grief was still raw, his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Pastor Boro took her to the temples and had priests pray and perform rituals on her behalf. When they had no effect, he finally took her to a doctor, where she was successfully treated for the disease. As her health was restored, Boro’s health took a turn for the worse. It was during this painful season of their life that the couple realized that the faith they had inherited from their families offered them no peace whatsoever. Instead, their lives seemed miserable and full of pain.

Things began to change after Boro met a Christian pastor who shared the Gospel with him. Boro and his family knew this was the answer they had been seeking. The entire family wholeheartedly turned their lives over to Jesus. The pastor also prayed asking Jesus to heal Boro. Soon, his health was completely restored.

Having experienced the power of prayer himself, Boro decided to share it with others by leading a prayer meeting in his home. Many from the village joined him. Boro’s testimony and the radical change in his life drew many to the Savior. As the number of people praying in his living room increased, Boro realized he’d planted a church without even trying.

Eight years later, Boro is now a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary with a congregation of 80 people who meet in their own church building, rather than his house. They dedicated their new building to the Lord in December 2010.

Boro praises the Lord for the provision of the new church building. He is praying it will be a tremendous blessing to the believers who worship there and will also draw many through its doors for prayer.

Although his church is growing, Pastor Boro has not lost sight of the real need for the love of Jesus to permeate the villages that were once led by his father. He says the political climate and devotion to the area’s traditional religion create an atmosphere of hostility toward any mention of Jesus.

Boro requests prayer for the Gospel to penetrate the hearts of the people in his village so they can truly come to understand the love of Christ.