Abhivira and his family reach out with Christ’s love.

Manyu suddenly became sick, experiencing severe pain in his body.

Lumbika was the unofficial priestess in her village.

Villagers who once held her in esteem thought she was going mad …

Persistent and faithful, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Abhivira Govindraj is always trying to find ways to show the people in his community the love of Christ. Part of his ministry involves visiting the local villagers’ homes and checking to see how they are doing. Often, he will come upon a family who is in the midst of trouble, and Abhivira is always ready to pray on their behalf.

Helpless Cries
When Abhivira found out his neighbor, Manyu, suddenly became sick, he immediately went to visit and pray for him. But Manyu’s parents forbade Abhivira to pray for their sick son.

Not giving up, Abhivira went back to his church and asked his flock to pray for their sick neighbor.

Manyu’s condition continued to get worse. Parts of his body began to give way and lose feeling. Within a month, he was bedridden.

Since his childhood, Manyu’s first priority each morning was to visit the nearby temple to bring offerings to his gods and goddesses. He did this to gain the favor of these deities and to please his parents. Now he was unable to maintain his pious duties. He spent his days crying and feeling helpless.

His parents sat idly by and waited for his death—but Abhivira kept praying.

Manyu’s parents reached a point of desperation and finally allowed Abhivira to come and visit their dying son. Abhivira brought along a few of the believers to pray with him. As they were praying, Manyu felt a healing touch from God in his body and began shouting praises to the Lord.

Within two months, Manyu was completely healed of his debilitating sickness. Now he can walk, run and live a normal life—without frequent trips to the temple. His parents, who were very much against Christianity, have even come to believe in Christ as their Savior.

Changed in the Night
Lumbika also came to know about Christ through Abhivira’s ministry. She used to be a devoted follower of many gods and goddesses, which helped her become famous in her village.

Her piety made her the unofficial village priestess; many people would come to her to perform pujas, religious rituals.

But one night that all changed. As Lumbika walked home from the temple, she suddenly fell unconscious and collapsed on the road. When morning came, the local villagers discovered Lumbika and brought her back to her house.

After that incident, Lumbika started behaving abnormally. Villagers who once held her in esteem thought she was going mad; nobody knew what was causing the strange behavior. Lumbika’s husband became very discouraged by the unexpected turn of events and, out of desperation, called Pastor Abhivira to visit them.

Abhivira immediately began praying for her; that’s when he realized he was dealing with the powers of darkness.

She does not have any sickness,” Abhivira told Lumbika’s husband. “Rather, this is the work of Satan.”

With Lumbika’s husband’s permission, Abhivira initiated a weeklong fasting and prayer meeting in his house for Lumbika’s deliverance. He and the believers gathered daily to pray and ask the Lord to release Lumbika from Satan’s bondage. Finally, at the end of the week, the Lord delivered Lumbika, and now her loyalty and devotion are with the one, true God.

Thanks to Abhivira’s faithfulness, and in spite of Manyu’s and Lumbika’s piety to their traditional gods, many souls were added to the Kingdom.

Please pray for Lumbika and Manyu, that they will continue to grow in the Lord’s love. Pray, also, that the Lord will continue to use Abhivira to further His kingdom in that community.