Malaan had been to numerous doctors, even witch doctors—but none could cure her of her epilepsy. When her husband deserted her, she was left with three children and an elderly mother who needed her care. Her situation was dangerous, as the seizures were unpredictable and she often had them while she was working in the fields. Her life was one of fear and turmoil. Her children were unable to go to school, and her illness thwarted her chances of getting a good job. It appeared every ray of hope was gone from the horizon.

But through the words of a GFA native missionary named Jeremiah, Malaan became interested in Jesus. After sharing the Good News with her, Jeremiah invited her to his church. A few weeks later, while visiting the church, Malaan received salvation and love through Jesus Christ. She was also completely healed of her epilepsy.

Malaan’s love for Jesus is infectious. And she has a great desire to tell others in her village about the Lord. The church is several kilometers away. So each week, Jeremiah journeys to Malaan’s village and holds a prayer meeting at her home, so that her village can hear about Christ. So far, 15 people have received the Lord, and there are many others who are interested. Please pray that the Lord will continue to open the eyes of the lost in Malaan’s village.