As with Madhur, healings are a common way to share Christ’s love with others in South Asia.

God who created the universe is able to heal any kind of sickness and can make things possible,” Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Yamha declared to the villager who had never heard the Good News about Jesus.

After he finished preaching, a family came to Yamha.

You say that your God can heal any sickness, please come with us,” they requested.

He followed the family back home where he found Madhur, who was demon possessed. Yamha began to pray, and as he did, the evil spirit said, “You get out of here.” After three intense hours of intercession, Madhur was delivered from the demon.

Yamha took the opportunity to show a film about the life of Jesus to the family.

As a result, the family threw away all of the gods and goddesses from their house and chose to follow Christ.

Yamha requests prayer for Madhur’s family that they may grow in their relationship with the Lord.