Jaren no longer depends on these expensive medicines.
Jaren lay on the floor, trembling and gasping, with the worst asthma he remembered. He was a Gospel for Asia missionary, and asthma had always been a struggle as he walked from village to village. Although he did his best to minister in spite of his affliction, this episode was awful.

Jaren was becoming weak and even wondered if he was dying. He cried out to the Lord, “Jesus, I want to serve you more; please don’t take me yet!” While praying, he fell asleep.

Jaren began dreaming. Jaren saw a man calling him and asking what his sickness was. Jaren explained how he had suffered from asthma for 13 years and taken expensive medicine that hadn’t helped. The man in his dream breathed a long breath into Jaren’s mouth.

Suddenly Jaren woke up and felt complete relief. The heaviness was gone. Jaren ran around the room, wondering if it was true … and it was. He was healed! Jaren knew Jesus had answered his prayer.

“I am so thankful to Jesus, who heard my prayers and healed me completely!” Jaren said. “I will serve Him all through my life.”

“I was not able to walk even one kilometer, but today I regularly travel 15 to 20 kilometers on my bicycle to share the Gospel. There are no symptoms of asthma in me.”