When Sunil read the Gospel tract, his heart opened to the reality of his life.

Sunil Chatterjee lived in a village crowded with temples to many gods. He and his family were fiercely devoted to one of those gods. Although Sunil’s commitment to his traditional faith had his parents believing their son was living an honorable life, behind the façade was a young man addicted to alcohol and tobacco.

One day, Sunil drank more than he ever had and lost control of his senses. He ended up sleeping on the side of the road. When Sunil’s family noticed he hadn’t come home, they began to worry and search for him. Their neighbors found him and brought him home. When Sunil’s parents saw him in his inebriated state, they were shocked and saddened—their boy, whom they admired for his devotion, was living a lie.

The following day a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary came to Sunil’s village to share the message of Christ with the people. He met Sunil, gave him a Gospel tract called The Heart of Raju, and asked him to read it.

When Sunil started reading the tract, the Lord began to stir his heart. Sunil came to the realization he was sinning and living according to his own desires. He was far from the true God, and he knew it then. With tears of remorse he confessed his sins and decided to change his life. He stopped worshiping his gods, gave up his alcohol and tobacco habits and started living for Jesus Christ. Today, he is active in his local church, and his parents are proud of their son’s new life.