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When intense floods hit Sri Lanka early this year, Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Anand knew that members of his flock would be in desperate need.
One of these Christians is Manika. Her home constructed of mud and coconut fibers was underwater for so long that it is no longer livable. But she has something to smile about ...
Pastor Anand came to check on Manika, knowing she was a new believer and would need encouragement after the flooding disaster hit her home.
Manika lives alone since her children are grown and her husband has passed away. With Pastor Anand's help, she clung to the Lord's Word during her difficult time.
Pastor Anand also arranged for GFA Compassion Services to provide a new home for Manika!
This poor widow is so grateful, as her new home should be complete before the rainy season next year. It will be strong enough to withstand any future flooding.
Pastor Anand is doing his best to reach out and encourage the other suffering believers in Manika's town, reminding them of God's faithfulness, along with helping provide for their daily needs.
Manika and her fellow Christians know one thing: Jesus is showing His love to them through Pastor Anand.
date posted 06/28/2011

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