Like this woman, Rabia was ill until a GFA-supported missionary prayed for her.

Now, Rabia takes part in Women’s Fellowship meetings similar to this one.

Rabia Rangarajan knows the power of God’s healing—both physically and spiritually. After Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Pranit Jayaraman began visiting her house to share the Good News, she experienced both.

Rabia, who followed a traditional Asian religion, lived a wayward life before her encounter with Pastor Pranit.

Those days I did not care about the future…,” she recalls. “…All I wanted was to enjoy life, but I found no meaning in life.”

One day, Rabia became sick. For the first few days, she thought nothing of the illness and still worked in the fields. But on the third day, she realized her ailment was more serious. Her body became weak, and eventually she could not even muster the strength to get up each morning. She found herself totally bedridden.

As I was at the verge of death, my heart really longed for someone to come and help me in some way,” Rabia says. “But little did I know that God had a purpose for my life. He was gracious enough to help me at that time of need.”

The Lord’s help arrived when Rabia’s sister-in-law brought Pastor Pranit to visit her. As Pranit told her about Jesus and His power to heal, she took in his words. Pranit told Rabia the Good News, prayed for her and visited her again during the following days.

As Rabia pondered Pranit’s words during these days, her health began to improve. One day, she realized that God had totally healed her.

That day I took a solid decision to surrender my life fully to Jesus. I realized that my life did not belong to me but to God,” she remarks.

Rabia’s decision to follow Jesus led her to begin worshiping at the church in her village. The 55-year-old now actively participates in church life and helps lead Women’s Fellowship functions.

Rabia passionately prayed for her family members to open their hearts to Jesus, too. In His amazing goodness, God listened to her prayers: they have all chosen to enter Jesus’ fold. Now the entire family regularly attends worship services with Rabia.

Today, this woman who once spent her days pleasing herself lives as a shining example of following Jesus.