Pastor Rijul spent two hours praying for Hansika’s deliverance.

Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Hansika Saxena. But Pallavi Sharma was able to immediately give the 50-year-old woman an exact diagnosis; she recognized all the signs of demon possession.

The demon had been tormenting Hansika for 20 years. Her erratic, frightening behavior drove her to several doctors, but none of their treatments did any good.

Pallavi was visiting relatives in Hansika’s village when she heard about the woman’s plight. She understood exactly what was tormenting Hansika because Pallavi herself had been demon-possessed before she came to know about Jesus. Pallavi visited Hansika and her family, telling them about her own experience and how she found true freedom in Christ.

After Pallavi shared her story, hope flamed up in the heart of Hansika’s father. He asked Pallavi to bring the pastor who had led her out of spiritual bondage so he could pray for Hansika’s complete deliverance.

When Pallavi brought Gospel for Asia–supported pastor Rijul Gond to their home, he told the family about the freedom they could find in Jesus then spent two hours praying for Hansika to be delivered.

“God honored their faith and delivered Hansika completely from the attack of the evil spirit at once,” reported a GFA field correspondent.

Like Pallavi, Hansika and her family found true freedom in Christ through this incident. Now, they worship the Lord and trust in Him as their strong shield against any spiritual attacks.