A goat can make a good Christmas present for a family in need.

Like this man, Bandhu knows his goat is truly a blessing, not just a cute pet.

Bandhu Dasgupta lived an impoverished life—both spiritually and physically. He came from a poor family and did not know true love and peace until he was in his 40s.

That’s when he began to open his heart to Jesus. He came to know about the Savior’s love through a local GFA-supported congregation. They prayed for Bandhu and his problems, and they taught him the way to eternal life.

The leaders of this church blessed Bandhu’s life also as they distributed gifts to people in his community. He received a goat. The church gave people many other very practical items, such as warm clothing, pigs and sewing machines.

Bandhu had wanted to buy a domestic animal for a long time, but he could never afford such a luxury. So when he received this goat, he knew the Lord provided it for him.

Rejoicing over this gift, Bandhu plans to take good care of his goat in hopes it will give birth to more goats—and he can have a whole herd!

Bandhu now truly understands the Lord loves him and knows his every need. He thanks God for His care of the needy and underprivileged in society, and he prays God will continue to use the church—and his goat—to glorify His Name.