Many people engage in witchcraft, such as sacrificing animals and using amulets (good-luck charms), in the region where Pastor Josiah serves and in other parts of South Asia.

By God’s grace, Pastor Josiah and other missionaries in his region were able to hand out thousands of Gospel tracts altogether.

In an area plagued by darkness, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Josiah Munda is working to proclaim the name of Christ.

People in this region hold to traditional beliefs and superstitions. If a person dies, the people in the community often blame a widow or an older woman for the death, accusing her of witchcraft. Sometimes they will even kill people over such matters. Last August, a local newspaper reported that nine people took part in murdering a 56-year-old woman. A pregnant young woman in their village had died, and they suspected the older lady had committed witchcraft against her.

Although this woman was falsely accused, Pastor Josiah knows from personal experience that people in his area do practice witchcraft. When he was a young man, he followed the traditional religion of this region. One day, he had a stroke that left him paralyzed. His wife consulted a magician who told them that if they did not offer goats to their deities, Josiah would die. Because he could not afford to sacrifice goats, Josiah went to a doctor instead. He took the medicines prescribed by the doctor and experienced complete physical restoration.

As a result, Josiah abandoned his traditional faith and started exploring Christianity. During this time, he met a believer who shared the Good News with him. Josiah and his family chose to give their lives to Jesus! After sensing God’s calling to reach out to those alienated from Christ, he enrolled in a GFA-supported Bible college.

Now, Josiah and his wife Banhi are sharing God’s love in their village through various ministries—including home prayer meetings, Sunday school and distributing Gospel tracts. In spite of the superstitious beliefs in this area, Pastor Josiah leads a growing congregation of 56 people.

Pastor Josiah is not the only one touching lives in this region. Many other GFA-supported missionaries are spreading the Good News. In the past three months, they were able to hand out over 46,450 Gospel tracts, 12 Bibles and 95 New Testaments altogether. They also witnessed 84 people choose to follow Jesus.

Pastor Josiah and the other missionaries desire prayer that God will open the eyes of people in his area to who Jesus is, and that many will decide to follow Christ. Also pray God will bless Pastor Josiah and his family with good health and continue to use his ministry in powerful ways.