Just like this young man, Suvan and Rizvan are following the Lord’s leading to become national missionaries.

Seeing this, Suvan’s faith in Christ increased, and he began spending a lot more time getting to know the Lord.

Suvan and Rizvan were born a year and a half apart, in different states, yet after they surrendered their lives to Christ, they found each other studying at the same Bible college. They may have come from completely different backgrounds, but now they had the most important thing in common: They were giving their lives to proclaim the Good News of Christ to those who have never heard.

From Drop Out to Bible Student
Suvan grew up in a Christian home and had a desire to serve the Lord at a young age. But after completing the eighth grade, he had to quit school to help his father provide for the family. They had spent a lot of their money searching for healing for Suvan’s mother, who suffered from painful knee problems. After finally seeking prayer from a Christian, the pain subsided as God healed her.

Seeing this, Suvan’s faith in Christ increased, and he began spending a lot more time getting to know the Lord.

One day while I was in the presence of God,” Suvan explains, “I realized I was a sinner and needed to be saved. In my prayer I asked pardon for all my sins, repented and committed my life to Christ, as my Savior.”

That was the beginning of Suvan’s personal relationship with Jesus. He sought the Lord often and meditated on His Word. Soon he sensed the Lord calling him into full-time ministry.

I understood the need of doing God’s service,” he shared.

When he met a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, Suvan expressed his desire to study God’s Word more in depth and follow through with God’s calling. The pastor led him to a nearby GFA-supported Bible college where Suvan is now being equipped to share God’s love more effectively. He desires to return to his hometown and tell his people about Christ.

Trading Medical School for Bible School
Rizvan had a slightly different upbringing than Suvan. His family followed the traditional religion of his home state. Demons kept them heavily bonded to their ways, until the Lord broke off the chains.

When Rizvan was 5 years old, his mother’s demon possession was beginning to take its toll on the family. They brought her to hospitals and witch doctors in search of a cure, but healing only came after believers in their village gathered to pray. After the Lord redeemed her from the clutches of Satan, Rizvan’s family radically changed.

Because of this, I grew up in a Christian atmosphere and was fortunate enough to see my parent’s faith in Jesus Christ for 15 years,” Rizvan shared.

They started going to a local church, where Rizvan discovered Christ in a personal way.

One day, while listening to God’s Word in one of the prayer meetings, I realized I was a sinner,” he recalls. “At that very moment, I repented of my sins and committed my life to Jesus Christ.”

And like Suvan, the Lord called Rizvan into full-time ministry. This happened while he was attending medical school. He dropped his plans and followed wholeheartedly after God’s will. Today, he studies alongside Suvan at the same GFA-supported Bible college, preparing to reach the lost.

Just like Rizvan and Suvan, each Bible college student journeyed along a different path until the Lord brought him or her to the place where their single desire was to live for Him and see the lost reached at any cost.

Pray for Suvan and Rizvan—along with the other students—that the Lord will fully equip them for the difficult path ahead.