Despite intense opposition, this women’s film team is seeing lost men and women come to the Lord as a result of showing a film on the life of Jesus.

As part of their training, the women’s team members learn the technology of computers, projectors and DVD’s to complement their knowledge of outreach and the Bible.

Two Gospel for Asia-supported women’s film teams rejoiced with prayers and songs of peace when they reported back to their state office.

They also shared tales of fierce opposition—and not only from human beings.

One team, led by GFA-supported national missionary Anvita Goda, was going house-to-house in a village where they were showing a film about the life of Jesus when they encountered a supernatural barrier.

A kind man named Mr. Bakhula invited them into his home and sat down as they began showing him the film about Jesus. Suddenly, his wife, Meenal, came home and began shouting at the missionaries, angry that her husband was allowing them to show the film.

Power of Prayer
The local pastor, who was accompanying the women, prayed for the Lord to control the situation, and Mrs. Bakhula became silent. Then, suddenly, she began speaking in a voice that was clearly not hers, and the missionary team realized that she was possessed by a demon.

The believers began to pray together for the Lord to set her free from Satan’s bondage—and their prayers were quickly answered and the demon left the woman’s body!

An Earthly Opponent
Another women’s film team faced more earthly opposition.

Gospel for Asia-supported national missionary Gopi Mehal and her team were pleased that all was going smoothly as they showed a Jesus film in a new village. The movie was almost over and the people were watching with intense interest when an unidentified person called the leader of a local anti-Christian group.

The radical leader, his wife and three other people forced their way into the crowd and shut down the projector.

Threats and Violence
Shouting, he warned the women missionaries to leave the village, or he would destroy their equipment. His extremist friends joined in, berating Pastor Gunvant, who was with the team, slapping him and threatening him with more violence if he preached or showed a film without their permission.

But the radicals weren’t finished. One of them followed the team as they returned to their village, later asking their driver for information about the women. The troublemaker observed their lives closely for several weeks, hoping to find out something bad about them, but to no avail.

In response, the women are praying that the Lord will touch his life—and those of his family members—and bring them out of Satan’s darkness and into God’s saving light.

Despite these problems, the two women’s teams reported that a total of 20 people had chosen to follow Jesus as a result of their film showings.

It is their prayer that many more will follow, including those who have persecuted them. Please join them in those prayers, and lift up our women’s teams as they continue to go out and share the Gospel boldly in the villages of Asia.