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February 2012 Gospel for Asia

Even after I've seen it a thousand times, this one photo continues to stand out.

Each day, when I walk down the hall to my office, I pass a picture on the wall of a woman named Geeta. It's not the happiest photo, but it impacts my heart. In the photo, she's protectively holding her two children and her eyes are full of concern.

Why is there such concern on her face?

Geeta lives in the slums of India. When I see her look of concern, I think to myself, "That could be my life, a life of uncertainty and fear, a life in the slums of India." I'm blessed to live in the United States with my wife and two children. But what if I'd been born in India? How different would my life be?

Something has given Geeta hope for her and her children.

As a result of attending a Gospel for Asia-supported church, Geeta's life has new meaning and her two children are enrolled in a Bridge of Hope center, a place of love and stability for them. As I walk past this photo day after day, it reminds me of the people we're helping in South Asia. You see, Geeta's life has been changed by discovering Christ through a simple Gospel tract. Her new hope helps her face the hard life of living as a widow in the slums.

Our lives are connected to the precious people of the slums.

My life and yours are connected to people like Geeta.

I would have never thought of moving to Texas, but when God calls, you go, whether it's to Texas or overseas. I said goodbye to my family, friends and church home and now live in Texas.

I am committed to serving the people of the slums, the widows and abandoned children in accordance with the call God has placed on my life. I love the Lord Jesus, so how could I do any less when He died for me?

My life serving here at the GFA office is having an impact on people like Geeta and her children. It's not always easy; sometimes it's quite difficult, but His grace has never failed me.

Her picture is a continual reminder of our opportunity to love as Christ did.

As I walk down the hall of our office on those days when I'd rather be back home, or even living in India, that photo of Geeta and her children prompts my heart. It's like the Lord is saying to me, "Your life here matters. Look at what I am doing through you, don't give up."

Make an impact in the lives of people like Geeta and her children by donating toward widows and abandoned children.

Every time you pray for needs around the world, every time you give, every day that you are that light of the world, many lives are being transformed by His love. If you would like to hear Geeta's story, watch this video about her. It's just awesome seeing what God has done in her life. To change the lives of others, please donate toward Gospel for Asia's Widows and Abandoned Children fund.

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