GFA Radio receives more than a million letters, telephone calls and other forms of communication each year from listeners.

Gospel for Asia Radio impacts millions ever year with the love of Christ. Broadcasters often hear about changed lives of all ages. Here are a few recent letters.

I like to hear your program. A few months back I was not getting your programs on the radio, but at present, I am getting them. Please send your program guide whenever it changes and also literature so I can know more about Jesus.
– Marsad

Respected sir,
I am a 75-year-old lady. I love to hear your radio programs in the morning from 6:30 to 7. I hear your programs in the Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi English and Urdu languages. I am sharing with others the details of your program. I make my grandchildren listen also. Please pray for me and my family.
– Gazala

I hear your programs, it gives me joy and peace in my heart. Please pray for my studies; I am doing my BA so I can develop myself in other areas.
– Ejaz

I am a student in eighth grade, and I believe in Jesus. At present, I am going through many disturbances physically and mentally. I am not able concentrate on my studies, and I have chest pain. So dear sir, please pray for me so I may overcome all these problems.
– Sahay

Dear program director,
I like so much to hear your programs. At present where I am living, it is a very tiny village, and it is very difficult to get the program. This is my humble request that you please send one CD for me so I can hear your programs.
– Sameer

Dear sir,
I am a new believer in Jesus Christ. I have received the Lord Jesus through my healing. I read your small book, The Heart of Prem Lal, which convicted me and opened my eyes. I am sharing about Jesus with my friends. Please pray for me and send a few books to me so I will get more knowledge about Jesus.
– Chandrakin

Dear sir,
I am a 15-year-old boy. I love to hear your programs. Please send me a Bible on my birthday, and pray I will share about Jesus with my friends.
– Ajmal

Dear sir,
A few years back my husband passed away from this world. At present, I live with my son. He has a job in his father’s place. Unfortunately, he mingled with some bad friends has abandoned me. Please pray for me, that God will work in his heart so he will come home.
– Ipsita