Flooding destroys the present and the future as it wipes away farmers’ harvests.

GFA Compassion Services teams distribute aid to flood victims.

Numerous Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries and workers in Sri Lanka have reported that the country’s recent flooding continues, dragging hope for recovery farther and farther away.

According to local newspapers, more than 20,000 families have been affected. At least 6,000 are reported to be displaced and are living in camps.

Farmers Lose Everything
Pastor C. Vidu reported that of the 28 believers in his congregation, most are farmers and have lost their livelihood. The rain destroyed their harvest as well as seed crop for future plantings. Many of their homes are underwater as well.

Pastor Suvik William wrote that in his area, a dam broke in the middle of the night. One of the believers’ homes actually collapsed in the floodwaters. All the family’s belongings were inside the home and nothing could be rescued. Thankfully, the family escaped unharmed, but now they have nothing.

Through GFA Compassion Services, Pastor Suvik provided bed sheets for 80 people—a small gift but one that would make a huge difference for someone who lost everything. Local wealthier people even joined in the effort and helped Pastor Suvik.

Hard to Find Food
GFA’s correspondent in Sri Lanka says that throughout affected areas, inflation is making it difficult for families to buy food. The weather conditions make it impossible for daily-wage laborers to find jobs that involve outside work, thus adding to the difficulty in buying food.

Even the rich people, who are ready to spend a lot of money to buy vegetables, can’t get any,” wrote Pastor A. Rahul, “because there is no way to buy them because of the lack of transportation.”

In Pastor Rahul’s area, the flooding has blocked the delivery of any supplies. He says no shops are open, and people are struggling to find food.

If the rain continues two more days, it will be very dangerous to live in this place,” he said.

Life in the Flood Zone
In Pastor K. Nelith’s area, several GFA-supported missionaries have personally experienced all of these flood symptoms—they are among those living in the makeshift camps.

For several days, all telecommunication was cut off because there was no electricity. Pastor Nelith was unable to contact his coworkers for help as the flooding destroyed all normalcy in life. In his area, no shops were open and eight churches had been flooded. He was unable to hold his regular Sunday service that week.

Each of these pastors request prayer for the Lord’s protection over the believers and all who live in their regions. They especially desire to continue ministering in this dangerous time, reaching out with the Lord’s love in the midst of so much loss and hardship.

They also ask for prayer that deliveries will resume so much-needed food and supplies can reach their areas and that workers can distribute the materials.