Kala and her family received Bibles and Gospel literature after their visit with the Women’s Fellowship leader.

Kala Singh’s brother-in-law was not taking care of his family. He nursed his alcohol addiction instead of looking after his wife and children. Kala was an influential woman in society, and her brother-in-law’s alcoholism heaped shame on the family.

Holding on to hope, Kala made a call to the Women’s Fellowship leader in her area to ask for prayer for her family. Although she belonged to another faith, a special Mother’s Day event organized by Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries had softened Kala’s heart toward Christians and Jesus Christ. That’s where she heard about the Women’s Fellowship group.

She asked Nadia Kapoor, the state Women’s Fellowship leader, if she and the church members could pray for her and her family.

No problem,” Nadia said. “We will pray for him. God will surely deliver him from his addiction to liquor.”

The affirming words filled Kala’s heart with happiness. The next day, Kala visited the church, bringing along her husband, sister and brother-in-law, Neeraj. Nadia and her husband shared the Gospel with the family and counseled Kala’s brother-in-law about his addiction. They prayed for them, and after the prayer, Kala and her family said they were feeling very peaceful.

Neeraj was refreshed in his mind and decided to stop living a bad life,” remarked a GFA field correspondent.

Kala and her family’s belief in Jesus have deepened because of this event, but they have yet to fully give their hearts to Christ and believe He is the one, true God. Please pray their eyes will be opened to His truth and that Kala’s brother-in-law will continue to resist any temptations to alcohol.