Hina, like this girl, experienced God’s complete healing in answer to believers’ prayers.

At only eight years old, Hina experienced searing pain from a stomachache that had lasted several days. Her family already took her to many doctors and spent a large sum of money on medication, but the excruciating pain only intensified. This left them distressed and frustrated.

Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Mahim Singh Kolam was visiting houses to share the Good News with people and pray for the sick when he came to Hina’s home.

After learning of their predicament, he told them about Jesus and the miracles He performed. He also shared about the Lord’s great love for them.

He prayed for the family and invited them to come to Sunday worship services at his church. The next Sunday they accepted the invitation. After Pastor Mahim and all the believers there prayed for Hina, God completely freed her from the stomach pain! Witnessing this healing, Hina’s whole family chose to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Pastor Mahim requests prayer for Hina and her parents to stand firm in their faith, no matter what opposition or challenges they face. Also pray for Pastor Mahim to receive strength from the Holy Spirit so he can continue to minister more effectively.