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These children helped two Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries open the door to minister in a previously closed place. These precious kids live in a village near a famous religious pilgrimage site. They are accustomed to seeing throngs of people offering sacrifices to an assortment of gods and goddesses. Yet few of these children knew who Jesus was, and had certainly never heard how much He loves them.
Missionary Bhima Dabal, and two childrens' ministry workers want to start a Sunday school in this village, so they offered an introductory day-long class. About 20 children showed up to spend the day learning about Jesus.
The children listened attentively as the missionaries introduced them to Jesus and told Bible stories about His life and His ministry.
The missionaries also played games with the children and taught them several action songs. Like kids everywhere in the world, they really enjoyed these activities!
At the end of the day, an award ceremony honored the children exceled in the games and other competitions.
When his time with the children was over, Bhima encouraged them to follow the example of Jesus.
"Let us learn a lesson from the life of the Lord Jesus, who was a good child of his parents and obeyed them throughout His life. He loves you a lot and wants you to be a good child, too," Bhima told the children.
date posted 06/27/2011