Kirti thought her paralysis was caused by her husband’s religious error, but Jesus is restoring her ability to walk.

He had mistakenly cut down a tree that housed the devil.

In spite of persecution, violence and other obstacles, God is blessing His work in Asia. Three Gospel for Asia-supported national missionaries share reports of God moving in their ministry.

Good News in a New Language
Even though Pastor Najaf had to learn a different language to serve in his area of ministry, he’s not far from his home.

The South Asia region is comprised of many distinct people groups that speak hundreds of different languages. So while he is still working in his native country, Najaf chose to work in the city where he was most needed—and worked hard to learn to communicate with them.

The Lord is blessing his work, and, although religious extremists aren’t happy about Pastor Najaf being there, 35 people now attend worship services. Pastor Najaf is praying for a church building for his growing congregation.

Jail Guard Cuts Down the Devil’s Tree
One Saturday, Mohan and six GFA-supported Bible college students headed off campus to an unlikely place. They wanted to share Jesus’ love with the prisoners and guards in their state’s central jail.

In spite of their original plans, the students didn’t make it to the jail that day. Instead, they went to a village whose residents were all police and guards working security jobs at the jail. The students ended up at the home of one of the guards. It seemed the Lord wanted them to meet this man first.

Adesh, the guard, openly shared his story with the students. His wife, Kirti, was bedridden, paralyzed for two months. It had all started when Adesh chopped down a tree one day.

Off in the jungle, Adesh had cut down a banyan tree. He believed, according to his customary religion, he had mistakenly cut down a tree that housed the devil. This seemed to be the reason his wife became sick soon afterward.

After they heard Adesh’s story, the students asked if they could pray for Kirti. The Lord answered their prayer and immediately began healing her! The students shared with Adesh that Jesus’ power was not like that of the gods he worshiped. They shared the Good News, and Adesh was so excited, he wanted more people to hear it.

As people in the village heard what had happened to Kirti, they became interested. Now the students lead a Sunday fellowship for 25 guards and policemen who want to know more about the Lord. The students are thankful the Lord took them on a different adventure that day than they had planned.

Worshiping the Heavenly Father Instead of the Sky
GFA-supported missionary Hira reports that in the same state where Adesh and Kirti live, seven people who used to worship the sun and the moon recently chose to publicly profess their new faith in Christ. The seven people represented four new fellowships that have recently sprung up in his area.

Pastor Najaf, the six Bible college students and Pastor Hira request prayer that the Lord will continue to move mightily through them, and that all the new believers will grow in their faith.