Village Priests, like the one shown here, are powerful and respected in Asian culture.

Najeev Chakma was a respected temple priest in his local village. People came to him looking for relief from all kinds of problems. They paid him money to conduct poojas (ritual prayers) to heal their sicknesses, help them financially or promote family harmony. Yet underneath the religious façade, Najeev was a fraud who was addicted to alcohol and drugs.

But Najeev did not know what to do. All he had ever done was serve at the temple. He had even dropped out of school to pursue this path for his life. But then he had an encounter with a Gospel for Asia film team.

A pastor of a local church had invited the film team to come to the village and show their movies about the life of Christ. While serving in this village, the pastor had become good friends with Najeev, so naturally he invited him to see the movie. The people in this area love films but do not have many opportunities to watch them.

While Najeev was watching the movie, he began to realize Jesus is alive and offers true forgiveness. He had never heard of a God who is able to do all this. Najeev chose to receive Jesus as his Savior that very day.

He no longer works in the temple. Najeev also quit drinking alcohol and taking drugs. This former village priest is now a member of the local Christian church. His legacy of faith is lasting long after the film team has gone on to another village.

Najeev's pastor asks for prayer that this former priest's family will come to know Jesus in the same way that Najeev does. He also asks for prayer that Najeev will stand firm in his faith.