Missionaries are often called on to pray for the sick in South Asia. And when God heals them, entire families recognize His mighty power.

Pintan Khundir’s family moved from a congested urban area of South Asia to a small village because they thought the rural area would offer a better life. Pintan and his wife have three children, and they wanted them to be raised in a more traditional environment where, among other things, they would learn to follow the family’s customary religion.

But then disaster struck—Pintan was paralyzed. He could not walk or work or interact with his children like a normal father does. His family, ever faithful to their traditional gods, carried Pintan to the temples and offered sacrifices on his behalf. They also took him to several doctors and hospitals for treatment, but nothing worked.

Pintan laid in bed, unable to walk for two full years.

With Pintan unable to work, the family’s financial safety net was gone. They didn’t have enough money to buy food and many days, the entire family went to bed without eating anything at all.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Beeni Sunkalam serves in this village. He heard about Pintan’s situation while conducting a prayer meeting as the believers there were praying for him. Beeni decided to visit Pintan and pray for him in person.

Beeni was greeted warmly by the family, who listened intently as this missionary explained the free offer of salvation through Jesus Christ. As Pintan listened to the love of Jesus being shared, he began to weep openly as he recollected the many sins he’d committed in his life. Pintan and his entire family were touched in their hearts when they heard that Jesus loved them and wanted to be a part of their lives.

After explaining the Good News to this family, Pastor Beeni bowed his head and prayed for them—specifically asking for Jesus to heal Pintan. A short while later, Pintan got out of bed and walked for the first time in two years!

The family was flabbergasted by the miracle and, that very day, they chose to give their hearts to Jesus and receive His offer of love.

The entire family—including Pintan—is now back on their feet both physically and spiritually.