Tani received deliverance from the pain of a severe toothache, and in the process, she chose to follow Jesus.

Tani Kumar is a teen girl who lives in one of South Asia’s largest cities. Like millions of others, she has little access to medical care. So when she came down with a bad toothache, her parents did all they could afford to do. They took her to the dentist, and he gave her some medication, but it did not clear up the problem. The pills did nothing to solve the primary cause of Tani’s toothache. Instead, it continued to get worse. The problem tooth caused her gum to swell, which was extremely painful. It even affected her ability to speak clearly. Tani was also running a high fever. She couldn’t even eat.

Tani was in such despair that she thought it would be better to die.

Her family did not have any money to take her back to the dentist. They were not Christians, but they heard about a woman named Jayana who prayed for the sick and they were healed. Jayana’s son-in-law, Alhad Bapaiah, is a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary in the area.

Even though Tani and her family followed another religion, they asked Jayana to come and pray for her daughter.

Jayana went to their house and found Tani laying in a bed, with severe pain and burning up with fever. Jayana asked Tani if she would like for Jesus to solve her problem, and the girl said “yes.” So Jayana prayed and then gave Tani a glass of water to drink. All at once, Tani’s fever was gone. But the pain from her problem tooth remained.

If God healed your fever, He will surely free you from the pain, too. All He wants is for you to believe in Him,” Jayana told Tani.

So Jayana again prayed for Tani and gave her another glass of water to drink. After she drank it, the toothache was gone.

Tani and her family were amazed at the miraculous answer to prayer. Tani knew she had found the Savior—the Great Physician. Or, in this case, He was Tani’s Great Dentist.

Almost three years later, Tani is a shining example of the redemptive power of the love of Jesus. She continues to serve and honor Jesus, even though her parents have yet to follow Him. Her greatest prayer is for her father, Vijay, that he would choose to follow Jesus. Right now, he is living a lifestyle that is causing great heartache to his family.