Jesus Well Displays Christ’s Compassion

Originally published March 2016

Gobhil ministers to a fellowship of believers in a village in South Asia, and God has opened doors for his ministry in 10 other communities as well.

During a visit to one of these villages, Pastor Gobhil learned that the village's only source for water was a deep well. This water source was open to the sky and had no boundary walls, and this caused many difficulties for the community. Sometimes the villagers' animals would fall in the well and would have to be pulled out, and mothers were worried for the safety of their children. They said, "When animals fell into the well, it was difficult to drink that water, but there was no option, so we were drinking the same water."

Jesus Well Displays Christ’s Compassion

Others said, "We had to face sickness, stomach pain, and other diseases."

Pastor Gobhil was concerned for the villagers and their need for clean water, and he continued to visit the community and build relationships with the men and women who lived there. Several months later, the villagers offered some of their land on which to drill a Jesus Well.

Within a few months, a Jesus Well was drilled! The villagers are very thankful to have this source of pure water, especially the women. Many mothers had been worried about the deep, open well in their village, and now with a Jesus Well, they feel confident about the safety of their children.

Jesus Well Displays Christ’s Compassion

The Lord has worked through this Jesus Well to display His love and grow His kingdom. As the people in this village experienced Christ's love, several have chosen to join the local fellowship.

This village is not alone in the struggle for clean water. Around the world, 663 million people lack access to safe water, about 1 in every 10 people. Yet God is moving in a mighty way in South Asia—because of the generous prayers and support of people like you, we have been able to provide for thousands of wells in the last few years and have seen God answer prayer as lives are changed by His love.

Jesus Well Displays Christ’s Compassion

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