Hello, my name is Regina. During my trip to Asia, I was challenged and inspired by a single mother I met on the way to a Bridge of Hope center. Her name is Kavita.

September 2012

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Kavita's husband had left her and her daughter to fend for themselves a few years ago, and around that time, Kavita's mother came down with an illness that required Kavita to take care of her. To top it off, the community they live in does not have a high view of Kavita because she leaves very early in the morning with nothing and comes back at night with nothing. I could tell you everything about Kavita's story, but I think it'll be better from her perspective.

Kavita's Story

I leave early in the morning and come back in time for dinner

Every morning, I wake up before the sun rises to have my sweet quiet time with my Lord. After that I enjoy preparing breakfast for my daughter and mother.

I travel four hours to the Bridge of Hope center each day, and I teach the children lessons, Bible stories, and action songs! I then give them a nice nutritious meal, and when the children's day is over I begin to take care of some administrative work. Once that is complete I travel to the Bridge of Hope children's houses to check in and see how their families are. I enjoy giving them guidance, and making sure to pray with each family I visit before I leave.

Whatever time I get done with that, I travel home, which takes about four hours in four buses. When I arrive home, I prepare dinner for my mother and daughter, and then I like to help my daughter with her studies and spend time with her.

As the evening quiets down, I begin the household chores, and if I'm lucky, I get to sleep at some point. The next day I begin it all again!

I have a serious back condition that the doctors tell me I need to rest to heal from, but to me, it's just not the logical thing to do. The Lord has gotten me through each day and He is faithful to provide the rest I need in order to continue in my daily routine. Besides, these precious children need to hear of Jesus! There is no time for me to rest!

Kavita's Story
To me, it is worth it for one child to be saved.

I suppose I am not obligated to do any of this. I don't do it to look good or get paid; I do it for my Lord. And in my eyes, to see one child find Jesus makes it all worth it.

I choose day-to-day to model Christ for my daughter, mother, the Bridge of Hope children, and their families. It is so worth it and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Kavita's Story
Kavita's Story

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Regina: How could I not be impacted and encouraged by Kavita's story?

I was impacted in so many ways by hearing Kavita's story. I complain daily about all the things I need to do, yet when I look at her daily routine, mine doesn't even compare!

Kavita is a human being just like the rest of us. She does have struggles each day, but she chooses to press onward toward the goal of pleasing Jesus Christ. She is a wonderful example of the Lord to me and those around her. I promised Kavita I would share her testimony with all the sisters I work with in hopes that they, too, will be encouraged and challenged to live for Christ.

Christ did not have to go to the cross and die for us, but He chose to. He knew what going to the cross was going to entail—suffering, being mocked, whipped, and beaten—yet He thought it all worthwhile so His children could spend eternity with Him. Kavita has the same mindset; she chooses to sacrifice and suffer to see just one child come to Christ, which makes it all worth it.

My brothers and sisters, the Christian walk is never supposed to be easy. Christ has called us to suffer for Him—and what a privilege it should be after what He did for us! We are called to proclaim His glory throughout the entire world. I challenge you to remember what He has called you to do and do it. Besides, this life is so short compared to eternity and the glory that is to be revealed!

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Published 2012 Gospel for Asia

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