GFA–supported missionaries often pray for people who have unknowingly allowed demonic forces to enter their lives. It is particularly joyful to see so many set free from this darkness.

Uday Rao was sharing the joy of Jesus when he came face-to-face with the work of a demon.

Uday, a Gospel for Asia–supported missionary, was visiting homes in his community, along with several believers from the church he pastored. When they entered the home of Rajkumari and Sunita Kishan, Uday noticed that Sunita was lying on a bed. He asked Rajkumari what illness was troubling his wife. As the husband described the strange symptoms of his wife’s illness, Uday realized that Sunita was possessed by an evil spirit that was wreaking havoc on her body and her soul.

Uday asked Sunita to come and sit with her husband in the common area of the house, but she refused. As Uday and Rajkumari talked, Sunita tried to bolt out the door, but something prevented her. Uday picked up his Bible and began to pray. After a while, the demon identified itself and stated its purpose:

I have come to this house to devour Sunita,” it spoke through the woman’s mouth.

Everyone was shocked to hear Sunita’s answer. Uday and the believers prayed earnestly for Sunita, and they continued praying until the demonic force left Sunita.

Rajkumari was stunned at what he had just seen—the demon was forced to leave his wife because of the name of Jesus. This incident also helped him realize the absolute power of Jesus.

Sunita and Rajkumari’s life changed drastically that day. It marked the beginning of a new journey of faith for their entire family. They all chose to follow Christ and are now active members of Uday’s church. Now Sunita and Rajkumari are free to worship Christ, rather than live in bondage under an oppressive, satanic force.