Like this man, Laboni suffered from pain caused by unexplained boils all over her body.

Hundreds of people used to go to Sampat Rajput for healing. His witchcraft would temporarily rid them of their ailments. Yet when Sampat fell sick, he wasn’t able to heal himself.

He tried using his powers to find a cure, and when that didn’t work, he sought the help of doctors. But the doctors weren’t able to do much. Instead, they gave him the bad news that his kidneys were failing, and he didn’t have much longer to live.

In deep discouragement, Sampat was awaiting his death—that is, until a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary visited his home and prayed for him. It was after that prayer that Sampat began to feel “a little free inside, like some burden was removed from his body,” said a GFA field correspondent.

That evening, he asked for something to eat, which surprised his family because the sickness had robbed him of his appetite. They had been forcing him to eat. Slowly but steadily, Sampat felt improvement in his body. Although he isn’t completely healed, Sampat gave his life to Christ and is quick to share his testimony about how the Word of God changed his life.

Battling Boils
Just like Sampat, Laboni Badaseth experienced the Lord’s mercy in her life after a terrible bout with boils. Swollen, infected lumps covered her body. The pain kept her confined to bed. When GFA-supported film-team missionaries saw 13-year-old Laboni lying in bed, compassion filled their hearts and they asked her parents what happened. But Laboni’s parents couldn’t give a lot of details about the boils. They didn’t know what caused them and were too grief stricken to talk about it much.

When the missionaries prayed, asking Jesus to heal this young girl, God heard their prayers, and Laboni’s strength began to return. Her father rejoiced at seeing this small miracle and invited the missionaries to visit and pray for his family again, which they did.

The missionaries request prayer for Laboni and her family, that she will be completely healed and they will embrace the love of Christ.