A portion of this church building under construction was destroyed by a landslide.

A landslide damaged a church under construction in South Asia on July 9. The landslide, triggered by heavy monsoon rains, swept into the village and slammed into the church building, which is still under construction.

A part of the mountain fell on the side wall of the church building and a room adjacent to the building and collapsed the structure,”” explained a Gospel for Asia correspondent in the area. “By God’s grace, the contractor and the laborers are safe.”

This church is located in the foothills of the Himalayans. When heavy monsoon rains loosen the soil on the mountains, landslides are often the result.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Kiran Dashi is pastor of this church. There are about 35 believers in this community, and they are all excited about their new church building. They ask for prayer for the speedy reconstruction of the wall and completion of the remaining construction on the building.

They also ask for prayer for God’s protection. The area where this church is located is prone to a lot of political unrest. There are also many vocal anti-Christian groups that make it their work to shut down any type of Christian work. Government regulations against sharing the Gospel also make it more difficult to openly preach God’s Word.

Pastor Kiran asks for prayer that God will strengthen the 35 believers in this village so they can trust Him continually.