Landslides have washed away roads, leaving no entrance into villages in need of the Gospel.

Four days and counting of unceasing rains in Uttarakhand, India, have led to landslides, leaving villages closed off and mission work at a standstill.

Heavy winds that accompanied the rainfall uprooted a large number of trees, obstructing the roads. Streams of water gushed into the villages’ interior, and electricity was cut off for a few days because of the landslides.

The government is trying to help these villagers, but because of the constant rain, they are not able to provide the help on time because of the very limited means of traveling into the area,” reported a GFA field correspondent.

The upheaval brought on by the landslides also makes it nearly impossible for missionaries to enter into these villages, visit with the believers and conduct fellowship meetings.

Prayer is requested for the present situation, for protection for the villagers against the harsh weather conditions in Uttarakhand and that ministry can continue without hindrance.