Daniel taught some of the sessions for the young men and women.

Youth of all ages and backgrounds came to attend the three-day camp.

During the youth camp, the teens had a chance to play a few games, including tug-of-war.

About 190 youths from southern India gathered for a three-day camp, where Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Daniel J. taught from the verse 1 Timothy 4:12. He encouraged the boys and girls to be an example in all areas of their lives by breaking down the verse and putting it in practical ways for the teens to understand and apply to their lives.

A common statement we hear from parents, neighbors, friends and everyone around when a youngster gets into trouble is ‘Oh, it’s OK; he’s young,’” said Daniel. “But it’s not OK! The Bible says to youngsters in 1 Timothy 4:12: ‘Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.’”

Be an Example in Life and Speech
Day one had two sessions of teaching. For the first session, a guest speaker shared his testimony with the students and challenged them to set an example in their daily life and studies. The second session for the day was about being an example in their speech. The speaker used the life of Jacob and looked at how his lying, cheating and deceit led to a life of difficulties—yet God did restore him in the end.

Be an Example in Love and Faith
Day two consisted of group activities and ministering to those in need around them. The 190 youths were divided into 19 groups of 10 with one adult in charge of each group. For their first group activity, the students learned how to be an example in love by visiting a home for the destitute, where a lot of “unwanted people” from the community stay.

This was probably the most emotionally touching experience for these young people,” Daniel said. “They saw people in their old age who told stories of cruelty from their own children. They met several young men who were recovering from drug and alcoholic addictions. These young men warned them not to follow their paths. They also met children who had severe mental or physical handicaps. They reminded them to be grateful for the health they were enjoying.

It was touching to see these boys and girls talking to them, sitting alongside them, listening to their stories and praying for them. The girls group even sang songs and prayed for several of them.”

For the second activity the youth learned how to be an example in faith by distributing Gospel literature. They were each given 20 tracts to give away.

For some of these young men and women, this was their first experience giving out Gospel tracts,” said Daniel. “Some of them enthusiastically gave out literature from the beginning, while others warmed up as the adults and others with them started giving out tracts. Almost everyone came back saying that they had finished their goal of 20 tracts. Some even asked their group leaders for more. In all, more than 4,000 pieces of Gospel literature were distributed that one day. Praise the Lord!”

Be an Example in Purity
During the last day, the boys and girls were divided for the teaching on purity. The girls learned how to deal with and avoid temptations they face and how to walk in modesty, while a guest speaker taught the boys how to avoid the vices of alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction.

At the end of three days of fun-filled, wholesome activities, the young men and women did make a commitment to follow the godly example told in 1 Timothy 4:12,” said Daniel.