A Children’s Club, like the one shown here, was recently kicked out of a school building where it was meeting each week.

Students from a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college were kicked out of a village after parents complained.

The students established a Children’s Club—which is similar to a Sunday School class—in the village. These students were meeting each week with about 50 children. The size of the class forced them to look for a large space to accommodate the group, so they asked for and received permission to use the local school.

One Sunday, several parents stormed into the classroom, arguing with the Bible college students. The parents then took the Bible college students out of the classroom and away from the children, who had so far witnessed the confrontation. It was then that the students learned the parent’s true intentions—they told the students they did not want them to teach the children about Jesus in the school building.

Not wanting to anger the parents, the Bible college students agreed to stop teaching at the school. Since there are few other places large enough to accommodate the group, the Children’s Club ministry is on hold.

The students ask you to join them in prayer for the Lord to provide a new meeting place. Pray for the children to keep Jesus at the forefront of their minds in the meantime. Also pray for Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Anish Tripathi, who is pastor of a church in the village where this happened.

The students ask for prayer that they would have the courage and anointing from God to continue this ministry, in spite of the setback.