Radio broadcasters pray and respond over each letter their station receives.

Gospel for Asia International Radio receives more than one million letters from listeners every year. Some write or call the stations requesting prayers for healing, or miracles in finances and marriages, or just to know more about the God who is preached in the programs. Here are just a few letters from people who have been impacted by one of the 110 radio programs.

A Barren Womb
Dear Brother,

Greetings. I am a regular listener of your radio broadcast. Our Lord has done many miracles in my life through your ministry. My daughter got married nine years ago but was unable to have a child. We prayed fervently, and we also asked for your prayers. Our Lord listened and blessed my daughter with a baby boy. We are overwhelmed with great joy.

Thanks for your prayers.

Miraculous Healing
Beloved Brother,

Greetings. I am Bhajan, aged 64. I am very much blessed by your radio ministry. On March 2, 2010, I was listening to your program. You said that if you are sick then place your hand over your body and pray with me. I did with faith. Jesus healed me miraculously.

Praise the Lord.

A Restored Marriage
Respected Brother,

Greetings. How are you? We are all doing well. Your magazine and letters have been a great source of encouragement in my personal life. As you know, our family had been separated for small reasons. We were in tears, and that was the time I happened to listen to your program. It was all prepared for me. Your prayer team prayed earnestly for my family. Now we are together. Please keep praying for my family.

Thank you.

Please pray for these brothers and sister and the many others who write in every day seeking Truth. Pray also for the broadcasters and for the ones who reply to each letter with prayer and compassion.