Through a series of events, including being burned by the flames from a fire, Aandaleeb came to know the real God.

Aandaleeb Maruthi thought he was a Christian. He attended church regularly and followed the traditions of the Church, but he was only going through the motions.

Neither my parents nor I had developed a personal relationship with Jesus,” Aandaleeb recounts.

The Gospel for Asia-supported missionary didn’t experience the realness of Christ until a terrible incident sent him to the hospital.

First-Degree Burns and Demon Possession
Aandaleeb was at a home prayer meeting, helping his neighbor prepare a fire to keep them warm during a cold winter season. A lady had brought kerosene and poured it on the firewood, setting it ablaze. The flames suddenly caught hold of Aandaleeb, who was sitting near the fire. The fire burned him as it traveled up his chest and neck.

The people attending the prayer meeting rushed Aandaleeb to the hospital, where he stayed for two months recuperating from the first-degree burns. A Gospel for Asia-supported pastor went to the hospital to meet with Aandaleeb and pray for his healing.

While Aandaleeb’s body healed, his brother, Sandeep, experienced a traumatic event of his own: He became demon possessed. The pastor prayed for Sandeep, freeing him from all demonic bondages in Christ’s name. This event, coupled with Aandaleeb’s healing, opened their eyes to see God’s love.

Before long, God’s love touched our hearts, and as a family, we decided to live for Him alone,” Aandaleeb said. “Knowing Christ personally was a different experience for me. God’s peace and love filled my heart, and I asked Him to lead me according to His will.”

A Higher Calling
Aandaleeb no longer wanted to live the nominal Christian lifestyle. Instead, he felt his heart burn with passion for the lost souls around him.

Soon I realized that the Lord wanted me to serve in His vineyard,” Aandaleeb recalls.

He enrolled in a GFA-supported Bible college to study God’s Word more in depth and be equipped for ministry work. Now, Aandaleeb serves as a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary in an unreached area. He shares God’s love by visiting people in their homes, leading prayer meetings and passing out Gospel tracts. He knows he will meet people every day who need to hear about God’s love just as he did not so long ago.