Pastor Arun and his family stand in what remains of their ruined home.

The roof of this GFA-supported school wasn’t able to withstand the strong winds of a recent storm.

As Badal Mainak and his family slept, a lightning bolt struck their house. The sound was loud and terrible, Badal recalls. But they just covered their heads and went back to sleep—not realizing the lightning set their house on fire.

When they felt the heat, they suddenly awoke to see their house in flames. They bolted out of their beds and rushed outside, leaving the fire to consume all their belongings along with the communion set and cooking pots that belonged to the Gospel for Asia-supported church they are part of. Badal is the church’s secretary.

Badal and his family are currently living in a small shed that usually houses cattle. When GFA leaders in the area heard about his situation, they spent the night with the suffering family to comfort and encourage them.

The villagers are ready to help Badal when he is able to buy the materials to rebuild his home.

Pastor’s House Damaged
A natural disaster left another believer homeless after heavy rains caused floods.

Flooding swept through the village of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Arun in September, heavily damaging his brick-and-mud house. Parts of the interior of his house collapsed and the walls are cracked. He and his family are living in a relief camp.

Arun pastors a church of 110 people.

School’s Roof Damaged
A Gospel for Asia English medium school also faced damages after a storm accompanied by strong winds ripped tin sheets off the school’s roof. The school’s center beam, which helps support the roof, also broke.

This is the second time the school experienced the wrath of a destructive storm.

The unsaved villagers in the area responded by saying, “Your Jesus is not happy with you” and “Maybe it is better for you to quit Jesus.”

Despite the opposition, the church in this area continues to grow. A small, faithful group of 27 believers gathers for worship.

Please keep Badal, Pastor Arun and the school in your prayers.