The floods wreaked havoc on many areas of Sri Lanka, even leaving coconut trees underwater.

This lady, along with 49 others, received a food packet from a Compassion Services team member.

This girl and her family now have a supply of food that will assist them while transportation is still difficult and food prices are high.

On February 7, a Gospel for Asia Compassion Services team in Sri Lanka blessed people devastated by recent floods.

The team brought 50 packets of dry rations to distribute to flood victims. The recipients eagerly accepted the packets, which included dal (a lentil bean commonly eaten in South Asia), tea, milk powder, dry fish, onions, sugar and rice.

The team hopes these packets will provide ample nourishment for the recipients for many days—especially since most roads are still underwater and flood victims are still in relief camps. Due to cold weather and polluted water, many people in the area have become sick. Once the water recedes, the teams will make way for GFA-supported missionaries, who will minister to the people’s needs for years to come.

The team would appreciate prayers for the following:

  • That God will provide for all the needs of people who lost everything because of the natural disaster, including those who lost their homes.
  • That God will divinely heal and protect the flood victims.
  • That the government will take action to restore affected communities.
  • That more medical teams will be able to come to the aid of those who are sick.