Rehan’s new bicycle will help him reach even more people with the Good News.

Rehan Mahadevan, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, used to walk nine miles every day to reach the villages around him with the Good News. If he took a bus to travel, he had to spend 120 rupees ($2.70 US), and that was too expensive for him to afford. So he used his feet instead.

When he reached a village, he would spend time with as many families as he could before daylight ran out, which typically equated to about five families per day. The distance between houses made Rehan’s journey more difficult and tiresome, but Rehan pressed on. Day after day, he traveled to share the love of Christ by distributing Gospel tracts and encouraging the believers in the villages.

When a Gospel for Asia Compassion Services team visited the area with gifts in hand, Rehan’s strenuous walking days were over. He received a bicycle, enabling him to at least double his effectiveness in his outreach efforts.

Now I think I can visit 10 families per day, and I can ride the bike up to 18 miles,” rejoiced Rehan. “The Lord has blessed me with this bike, and I will be so grateful to carry on my ministry to glorify the Most High!”