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April 2012 Gospel for Asia

Man Tries to Stop Crucifixion

"STOP! STOP! STOP!" A man in the crowd yelled as the Roman guards nailed Christ to the cross in a film on the life of Jesus. But the shouts weren't coming from any actor—they were coming from someone in the audience.

Hamir grew up like most of the other people watching the film that night. He had been addicted to liquor since childhood, and now, at 25 years old, alcoholism still kept him in bondage.

He came to the film showing that day to watch what was, for most of the audience, the first movie they had ever seen. It didn't matter what the story was, they just wanted to see a movie.

Hundreds in a village will flock to watch a film on the life of Jesus simply because they’ve never seen a movie before.

"Who is the hero in this picture?" Hamir asked the film team, which consisted of two Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries who walk from village to village carrying an LCD projector kit and Man of Mercy, a film on the life of Jesus.

"Jesus is the hero," they answered.

"Who is the other character in this story?" he asked.

Rather than explain, the believers replied, "Just sit and see. You will understand who it is."

For eyes that had never seen a movie before, the motion picture was nearly indistinguishable from real life. Throughout the movie, Hamir developed a love for the Savior. As the Roman guards began nailing Jesus to the cross, Hamir started shouting.

"Stop! Stop! Stop!" he screamed at the missionaries in frustration. He didn't see why they wouldn't restrain the soldiers from killing the Hero.

Film Team Missionary Shares Alcoholic Past

One of the missionaries understood Hamir's history and his reaction to Jesus' love —he had lived it out himself.

When Vasuman Jayaraman was a child, his father became a drunkard and stopped providing for the family. As he and his mother, brother and sisters went hungry day after day, Vasuman's heart became hard. He turned to the same addiction his father had until one day when a pastor knocked on his door and invited him to a film show.

After watching Man of Mercy and being moved greatly by the Good News, Vasuman chose to follow Christ and gave up his alcoholism. Eventually, he went on to Bible college and, when he graduated, began reaching out to others with the same film the Lord had used to save him.

Now, he was going to watch another soul realize God's love for sinners.

Member of Audience Turns to Christ & Gives Up Alcohol

When Hamir understood what Christ had done for him, he broke down weeping and chose to give his life to his Savior. It was then the missionaries answered his question from before.

"You are the other character in the story. Jesus always loves, but we always go against him." The missionaries then went on to explain Jesus' love for Hamir and all mankind.

The next two weeks Hamir followed the film team, helping carry their equipment. While with them, he learned to pray and read the Bible, and he left his alcohol behind.

He is going to church, and he wants to join a Bible college. Maybe one day, like Vasuman, he'll reach out to another young man bound by the chains of alcoholism, and he'll show him the film that rescued him.

Change hearts and lives. Show Jesus' story to someone else in need of the Hero.

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Published 2012 Gospel for Asia

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