With the help and participation of some doctors, the Bridge of Hope staff were able to offer vitamin A and de-worming tablets at the free medical camp.

This man, the father of a Bridge of Hope child, received a check-up at the camp.

This Bridge of Hope child and his mother also got to visit with a doctor at the camp

In cooperation with local officials and doctors, a Bridge of Hope center in India held a free medical camp September 3, offering love and hospitality to people in the villages. Approximately 230 individuals, many of whom were parents of Bridge of Hope children, came to the camp. Those who attended had the opportunity to receive check-ups from the doctors and take home vitamin A and de-worming tablets.

In rural India, many people suffer from vitamin deficiency and have little access to necessary medical education and care. Free medical camps, like this one, show them that the Lord is concerned about their needs.

Not wanting to miss out on the action, a local news channel rushed to the Bridge of Hope center to report the event. They interviewed the local officials and a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor who helped oversee the program, Bhisma Subba.

Hearing about and witnessing the work of Bridge of Hope made an impression on the reporters, doctors and local officials present. Truly, God is using this ministry to touch not only children and their families but also the general public!

Gospel for Asia-supported leaders in the area request prayer for the following: