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Life is hard in this South Asian village of migrant workers. Most everyone here is just barely scraping by.
Nabarun has worked as a laborer in a plantain shop in the village for the last 30 years. He earns about 100 rupees (US$2.25) a day on which to support his family of five.
Like other village boys and girls, Nabarun's three children play in the dirt streets and dusty fields with little hope for a better future.
Nabarun's son Abheek and his older brother both attend a local school. Wealthier families send their children to private schools, where opportunities are better.
But that's where Gospel for Asia's local Bridge of Hope center is making a huge difference!
The children come to the Bridge of Hope center after their regular school day. At the center, they get help with their classwork, and receive additional teaching.
They are also fed a nutritious meal. These hot meals are an important part of caring for the children because most of them come from poor families and are undernourished.
Bridge of Hope teachers like Lalasa also give the children lessons in character development and behaving properly in class and at home. More importantly, they tell them of the hope found in Jesus.
And Abheek listens! His parents, who still practiced the traditional local religion, began noticing that after attending the Bridge of Hope center, their young son was praying and reading the Bible.
Then, when his teacher, Lalasa, visited their home, she shared the Gospel with them—and they responded.
Today, Abheek's parents are followers of Jesus Christ, and the entire family worships together each Sunday in the local church.
When the children arrive at church, guess who teaches their Sunday School class? That's right: Lalasa!
Thanks to the personal attention, guidance and counseling of Lalasa and the other teachers, Abheek is gaining an entirely new understanding of what he can accomplish in life. He now has real hope for the future.
date posted 05/23/2011