GFA Compassion Services teams gave out milk packets to pregnant and nursing women.

According to the Joint Humanitarian and Early Recovery Update compiled by OCHA, at the end of June:

  • 12,689 IDPs [Internally Displaced Persons] displaced after April 2008 remained in camps awaiting return to their areas of origin.
  • 8,521 IDPs displaced before April 2008 remained in welfare centers.
  • 5,612 IDPs remained stranded in transit situations in the five northern districts of Sri Lanka.
  • 151,663 IDPs live with host families waiting for a long-lasting solution.
  • Fortunately, the number of those displaced continues to dwindle. In June alone, close to 5,000 people were able to go back to the place they call home.

Gospel for Asia continues to counsel and minister to people living in Sri Lanka who are still trying to rebuild their lives two years after a grueling 26-year civil war ended.

The war ended in May 2009, yet thousands of people remain displaced, living in refugee camps or with host families waiting to return to their homes. And as they wait, GFA Compassion Services teams are helping make life just a little bit easier by providing some needed essentials.

GFA distributed 750 powdered milk packets to pregnant and nursing women, hoping to keep them healthy under the present circumstances. They have also brought food and other items like books and shoes to help show people how much God cares for them.

“This event brought on a real difference among the refugees to experience the love of Jesus,” reported a GFA field correspondent.

Distributing Gospel tracts is also another big part of their ministry to the refugees. In a time where there seems to be nothing to live for, the tracts can bring hope to the destitute as they learn about the God who loves them and promises to provide for their every need. During this visit, GFA teams passed out about 1,000 Gospel tracts.

Please continue to pray for those who have been affected by the war. Pray, also, that they will see Christ in the GFA teams who go to minister to them.