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Ministry on Two Wheels

first published: Jan. 8, 2008 – Gospel for Asia

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Ministry on Two Wheels

first published: Jan. 8, 2008 – Gospel for Asia

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Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Sandeep Kishan works in South Asia. He has started numerous fellowships in the area where he lives.

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Many of the places Sandeep has reached are not within walking distance. He uses his bicycle to do outreach in far-away villages.

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With the help of his wife, Sandeep loads up his shoulder bag with the Gospel literature that he will need for outreach that day.

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Their bikes are well used and breakdowns mean spending precious time making repairs.

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Before leaving town, Sandeep stops at a roadside bike shop to pump up his tires. Because his bike is extremely important to his ministry, Sandeep is careful to keep it in good running order.

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On this day, Sandeep and Murari are going to minster to a man in a village several miles away. Sandeep's bicycle makes it possible for him to travel there much more quickly.

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The two men stop along the way to share the Gospel with a group of ladies.

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As they continue on their trip, the road becomes more narrow and steep. They have to work very hard to get up a hill.

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The two men stop again to minister to a group of people they see on the side of the road. Sandeep shares about Jesus and His love for them. Then he prays for the group and invites them to Sunday school.

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As Sandeep and Murari continue on their way, they are encouraged because some of the women in the group said they would visit Sandeep's church.

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Finally, they come to the village and meet Gagan Chiman, a retired military man who wants to know more about Jesus.

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With great interest, Gagan listens as Sandeep and Murari share about the love of Jesus and the power of prayer. Gagan also shares with them about some problems that he is facing.

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Before heading home, Sandeep gives Gagan some Gospel literature that contains verses applicable to his life. Then, they zoom down the hill to get ready for the next day of outreach.

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