Prayer for healing is an important aspect of daily ministry for GFA-supported missionaries.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries are ordinary people. Yet, with God’s power working through them, they can perform extraordinary miracles.

Doing the Impossible
Barsha was a member of a church in a South Asian village. She had cancer for 12 years and became very discouraged. When the doctors told her there was nothing they could do to save her life, she lost all hope.

The Women’s Fellowship team in her church heard about Barsha’s disease. They started fervently praying for her, and Barsha was healed from her cancer. As a result, Barsha’s faith in God was strengthened.

A Cup of Oil and Prayer
Chahel was paralyzed. And to add to his suffering, his whole body was covered with boils. One day he met Taj, who was a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary. After praying for Chahel, Taj gave him oil and instructed him to apply it on his body daily while praying to God.

After four days of praying and applying the oil, Chahel’s boils completely disappeared. When Taj came over, he was amazed by the results.

Taj shared the Gospel with Chahel and his family. From that day on, the entire family decided to follow Christ as Savior.

Paralysis and Demon Possession
In another case of paralysis, Lata was unable to walk for a whole year. Despite treatment at a hospital, she was not getting better.

Rajan, a believer who lived in the same village met with Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Nageeve Chakma and took him to Lata’s home.

While Nageeve was earnestly praying, Dakshata, one of the family members, began showing signs of demon possession.

After Nageeve finished praying, Lata was completely healed and could walk again. In addition, Dakshata was no longer in bondage by the demon.