Like this missionary, Aadarsh traveled on foot to minister in Prakash’s village.

Showing the Man of Mercy film requires special equipment. Unfortunately, Aadarsh didn’t have friends like these young men to help him carry it.

Prakash and his fellow villagers watched the film intently, as these children are doing.

One evening in a rural village, 50 people sat watching a film about the life of Christ. It was their first time ever seeing such a portrayal of Jesus’ life. They watched the film intently, gripped by various emotions. They saw Jesus perform miracles in people’s lives by casting out evil spirits. When the crucifixion scene showed Jesus’ agony, many began weeping—some for several minutes. Overall, seeing Jesus’ passion, resurrection and ascension amazed these villagers. When the film ended, Aadarsh, the missionary who showed the film, took time to pray for each person who asked.

One man in the crowd, Prakash, had a particular interest in Jesus’ deliverances of demon-afflicted people because he himself was possessed by a demon. Prakash decided that if he gave his life to Jesus, then Jesus would heal him, too. Prakash went forward to receive prayer; however, he ended up leaving abruptly. He missed this chance and remained in bondage to the evil spirit.

But two days later, the opportunity for Prakash to experience release and salvation resurfaced. Aadarsh was in Prakash’s village, following up with the people he had prayed for. He visited Prakash’s home, where he shared the Gospel with Prakash’s family. Prakash’s parents asked Aadarsh to pray for their son. After Aadarsh prayed for Prakash, God delivered him! Thankful to Jesus, Prakash declared that what his former deities could not do—deliver him from the evil spirit—Jesus had done. Through this incident, God paved the way for Aadarsh to start a small Christian fellowship in the village, and Prakash started actively participating.

Aadarsh asks for prayer that God will help Prakash and his family stand firm in their new faith and use them to bless others.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to use Aadarsh and increase his effectiveness for the Kingdom.