Miraculous Stories Inspire Young Woman’s Faith

Porsha peered into the mirror once more. An attractive woman of 20, the reflection might have filled her with confidence. Instead, shame surged through her being. A goiter marred her neck, and a tumor marred her right hand.

Perhaps Porsha fingered the lumps, tracing their ugly outlines. Perhaps she fought tears as she considered the prospect of venturing into public where others could see her hideous blemishes. But go out she must, so she carefully hid her neck and hand. Maybe no one would notice. Porsha could only hope.

Shame Clouds Girl’s Future

A doctor takes notes while visiting with a patient.
Like the woman pictured, Porsha sought medical treatment for her ailments. Porsha also performed religious rituals in hopes of a cure. Neither produced a solution.

Porsha had done everything right, it seemed. She had been a good child. She obeyed her parents. She worked hard, both in school and in her household chores. She didn’t do anything to cause shame, for herself or her family. Yet shame, caused by these physical marks, consumed her psyche, and it seemed there was nothing she could do about it.

Her parents had taken her to several doctors, but they could do nothing. The entire family prayed to their local deities, but there was no answer. The only change was the family’s growing discouragement.

What future would Porsha have, her parents worried? What marriage prospects would be dashed as soon as the man glimpsed her condition? What job prospects might be lost because of her appearance?

Porsha became withdrawn, hesitant to appear in public. Was the bulge the only thing people saw when they looked at her? She was embarrassed and self-conscious, even among friends. Perhaps she nervously tugged at her covering, constantly ensuring it was hiding her source of shame when she was in public. Porsha’s misery lasted two long years.

Words of Hope

Then Hadiya came to visit. Hadiya, a Christian neighbor, hosted worship services for a local church led by GFA World pastor Mariano. Hearing of Porsha’s situation, Hadiya desired to offer prayer and hope. She encouraged Porsha’s father, Kail, to bring the young woman to a worship service at her home. Hadiya was confident in the power of God to heal Porsha.

Porsha’s parents, yearning for a solution, brought Porsha to service on Easter Sunday. They met Pastor Mariano, who advised them to trust Jesus to do a miracle in Porsha’s life. After the service, Pastor Mariano gave them a New Testament and other literature to read at home.

Pastor Mariano knew the power of God’s Word, that it is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword (see Hebrews 4:12). Perhaps, with literature in hand, Pastor Mariano thought of God’s promise in Isaiah 55:11 that His Word shall not return void but will accomplish His will. Most likely, as Pastor Mariano encouraged the family to regularly read the Scriptures and the literature, he prayed and had faith God would use them to fulfill His purposes in the family’s situation.

Read it, Porsha did. Every morning and every evening.

A woman's hands pointing at a passage in scripture.
Porsha devoured God’s Word. As she turned the pages, her faith for healing grew.

Though her parents were poor, Porsha had been able to complete the 10th grade before money ran out for her schooling. Porsha was even more fortunate to be able to read the living Word of God. With no money for further education, her family likely could not afford to purchase such printed treasure. Many impoverished families—some 734 million worldwide—are forced to survive on $1.90 a day or less and struggle to meet even their basic needs. 1 Perhaps Porsha held the book in wonder, in awe of such a gift. How often had she longed for printed material to call her own?

As she read the accounts of Jesus, Porsha was fascinated by the miracles He did. Was there nothing this Jesus could not do? He made the blind to see, the lame to walk, even the dead to live. Faith rose and hope rekindled in Porsha’s heart. Could Jesus heal her as well?

The Word Breathes New Life

After reading about the miracles of Jesus, Porsha (pictured) was completely healed. Porsha’s healing led to many people putting their trust in Christ.

Within a week, Porsha had read through Matthew. As she turned the pages, her faith grew.

She returned to a worship service, where Pastor Mariano encouraged her to keep reading and praying. He, along with some other believers, also visited her home to encourage and pray with the family.

Just a few days later, Porsha stared at the mirror in disbelief. The goiter and tumor had disappeared! Joy flooded Porsha’s heart as she grasped the reality—Jesus had healed her!

Porsha rushed to share the news with her parents, who gazed upon the evidence with awe. Once ashamed to leave her home, Porsha now excitedly shared her testimony with others. She told Pastor Mariano. She testified to his entire congregation. She shared with surprised friends and relatives.

“I am thankful to God for healing me completely,” Porsha said. “As I came to know about Jesus Christ through reading the New Testament, gradually I believed in Jesus. As Pastor Mariano prayed for me, the Lord let the tumor and goiter disappear from my body. I thank God for His grace upon my life.”

After witnessing God’s power, Porsha and her entire household put their trust in the Jesus of the New Testament.

“I am thankful to Pastor Mariano for introducing Jesus to me and my family,”

“I am thankful to Pastor Mariano for introducing Jesus to me and my family,” said Kail, Porsha’s father. “Porsha was extremely discouraged in her life, but now she is healed completely. She is very happy. We, too, are happy for her life. We give all glory and honor to Jesus Christ alone.”

Resources for Life Transformation

A pastor shares gospel literature with a construction worker.
You can help national missionaries, who are dedicated to sharing Christ’s love, give life-changing gifts to people in need.

Porsha no longer needs to cover her neck and hand to appear in public. Her shame, and its source, is gone. Not only that, but her whole life has been altered, and her entire family has been transformed through Christ’s power and love. Her life is evidence of the power of God’s Word. Because Pastor Mariano had the resources to give Porsha’s family a copy of the New Testament and other literature, their lives are forever changed.

GFA World missionaries such as Pastor Mariano have dedicated their lives to sharing Christ’s love with people in the communities they serve, some of whom have never had the chance to hear about Him. But these missionaries need the proper tools and resources to be equipped for ministry. You can equip GFA World national missionaries to share Christ’s love with people in need, whether that’s by providing ministry tools like literature, bicycles or winter clothing or by providing practical gifts that help missionaries demonstrate the tangible love of Christ to those in need.

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  1. “Ending Poverty.” United Nations. Accessed February 8, 2022. https://www.un.org/en/global-issues/ending-poverty .

*Names of people and places may have been changed for privacy and security reasons. Images are GFA stock photos used for representation purposes and are not the actual person/location, unless otherwise noted.

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